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Conference Series

Peter Symonds

22nd Global Summit on Pediatrics, Neonatology & Primary Care

Termín konání:

16.05.2019 - 17.05.2019

Kategorie: Lékařství, zdravotnictví, Conference Series, 16. května 2019

 Conference Series LLC Ltd

Canada Meetings on Vascular and Interventional Radiology

Greetings from Interventional Radiology 2019! It is an honor to invite all the academicians and researchers to be as speakers or delegates at the upcoming Canada Meetings on Vascular and Interventional Radiology scheduled for June 12-13, 2019 in Montreal, Canada. Interventional Radiology is trending under the theme “An Insight into Innovative Approaches in Vascular and Interventional Radiology” which brings together eminent Academicians, Health Professions, Scientists, CEO’s, Young researchers & Students to share experience, gain and evaluate emerging technologies in Radiology, Oncology, Medical Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Cancer Treatment, Tumor Biology across the globe. Initiation of co-operation between scientists from Companies, Research labs and institutions will be also facilitated. For online abstract submission please click link

Termín konání:

12.06.2019 - 13.06.2019

Kategorie: Lékařství, zdravotnictví, Conference Series LLC Ltd, 12. června 2019

The Open university of Hong Kong

ICOIE 2019

ICOIE is an impactful event which serves as an international forum for researchers, scholars, educators and practitioners to share and update each other on the issues, ideas and developments in the field of open and innovative education.

Termín konání:

10.07.2019 - 12.07.2019

Kategorie: Sociologie, humanitní a sociální vědy, Informatika, informační technologie, The Open university of Hong Kong, 10. července 2019

Lexis Conferences

Human Physiology 2019

Human Physiology 2019 Theme: Exploring the Principles of Physiology & Metabolism September 16-17, 2019 | London, United Kingdom Lexis Conferences cordially invites all the members of different nations to attend this annual meet which is scheduled to hold on September 16-17, 2019 at London, United Kingdom based on theme Exploring the Principles of Physiology & Metabolism. A two days scientific meet will gather scientists, students and healthcare industries under one roof to build a new network by sharing their findings in our annual scientific sessions. This approach will allow globally in doing a collaborative research between academia and healthcare sectors to explore the underlying facts of physiology and metabolism to show us a better future of healthcare. Conference Communication:, Contact Address : 4211 Rainier Street, Irving,Texas, 75062, USA Toll Free : +32 (800) 709-484211 Rainier Street, Irving, Texas 75062, USA Tel: +1 (214) 972-2216

Termín konání:

16.09.2019 - 17.09.2019

Kategorie: Lékařství, zdravotnictví, Lexis Conferences, 16. září 2019

 Conference Series LLC Ltd

World Heart Congress 2019

Heart Conferences invites you to attend the 7th World Heart Congress to be held at Vienna, Austria during August 19-20, 2019. This International Conference will bring together world-class cardiovascular researchers, cardiologists, cardiac surgeons , professors and scientists to discuss strategies for Cardiology cases. World Heart Congress 2019 is designed to provide diverse and current education that will keep medical professionals abreast of the issues affecting the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Undoubtedly the participant at this Cardiology congress will be able to exchange with the best experts in the specialty and will return home with extensive knowledge. This meeting will be fulfilled by the participation of eminent cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, cardio-thoracic surgeons, cardiac nurses, scientists, professors, medical students and business professionals from pharmaceutical companies from every corner of the world so that they can discuss their ideas and views on their respective research works amongst others. The main topics of the event are Cardiovascular Medicine, Cardiac Surgery, Heart Diseases, Arrhythmias, Molecular Cardiology, Hypertension, Cardiac Nursing and Healthcare, Paediatric Cardiology, Cardiac Diagnostic Test, Cardio metabolic Health- Diabetes, Obesity, & Metabolism, Heart Failure, Nuclear Cardiology &Cardiac CT, Interventional Cardiology Imaging, Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions, Devices / CRT / ICD / Surgery, Cardiovascular Toxicology and Pharmacology, Clinical Cases In Cardiology For more details

Termín konání:

19.08.2019 - 20.08.2019

Kategorie: Lékařství, zdravotnictví, Conference Series LLC Ltd, 19. srpna 2019