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International Masaryk Conference for Ph.D. Students and Young Researchers 2018

  • Dec 17-21, 2018
  • Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference for PhD students and assistants
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Mezinárodní Masarykova konference pro doktorandy a mladé vědecké pracovníky 2018
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17. - 21. 12. 2018, roč. IX


Magnus Group

Cardiology World Conference

It is a great honor and pleasure to invite you to participate in the Cardiology World Conference which is happening from October 24-25, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. The organizing committee of CWC 2019 continue their strong commitment to the improvement of cardiac health benefits everywhere through facilitation of the sharing ideas, experiences and achievements. CWC provides a forum for the exchange of original clinical research data, as well as brief analysis of diagnostic and therapeutic issues in cardiovascular medicine and cardiovascular surgery. Topics include Current Research and Advances in Cardiology, Musings on humane topics relevant to medical practice, electrophysiology (EP) rounds, device rounds, and information concerning the quality of devices used in the practice of the specialty and more.. CWC 2019 Scientific sessions: Cardiovascular Pharmacology Cardiac Nursing: Acute and Chronic Cardiac Care Hypertension and Obesity Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology Womens Cardiovascular Health: Cardiac Problems during Pregnancy For all topics, visit:

Termín konání:

24.10.2019 - 25.10.2019

Kategorie: Lékařství, zdravotnictví, Magnus Group, 24. října 2019

 Conference Series LLC Ltd

27th International Diabetes and Healthcare Conference

ME Conferences takes the immense pleasure of inviting the scientists, physicians, endocrinologists, physicians and scholars to the ‘’27th International Diabetes and Healthcare conference ‘’on July 18th -19th, 2019, Abu Dhabi,UAE. The Annual conference enlightens the recent advancements related to Diabetes and aims at sharing the knowledge of the expertise in this field where the new generation scholars and researchers can increase their knowledge related to diabetes. The scientific sessions include the various sessions which emphasize on Consequences of Diabetes in Human, Cellular and Molecular Endocrinology, Hypertension and Diabetes, Neurologic problems and Diabetes, Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes, Endocrine Complications of Diabetes, Treatment of Diabetes and Diabetes in Healthcare.

Termín konání:

18.07.2019 - 19.01.2019

Kategorie: Lékařství, zdravotnictví, Conference Series LLC Ltd, 18. července 2019

 Conference Series LLC Ltd

2nd Global Cardiology Summit

After the successful completion of Cardiology Summit 2018, we are glad to announce the next series “2nd Global Cardiology Summit” which is going to be held at Perth, Australia during May 13-14, 2019. The conference is organized around the theme “Where the world of Cardiology and Health Care comes together”. Cardiology Summit 2019 is a best suitable platform for all the cardiologists and cardiac experts from all over the world to discuss the research, innovations and scientific advancements in Cardiology and Health Care. This congress is a meld of keynotes, workshops, oral talks, poster presentation and Exhibitions. The important highlights of this conference are: Cardiovascular Diseases, Infectious diseases of Heart, Interventional Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Neurocardiology, Cardiac Regeneration, Cardio-Oncology, Pediatrics and Geriatric Cardiology, Nuclear Cardiology, Cardiometabolic diseases, Cardiovascular Devices, Cardiac Nursing, Digital Health and Cardiology, Advances in Cardiology and Case Reports. On behalf of Organizing Committee Members, we invite you to join us at Perth during May 13-14, 2019 and we hope that you will enjoy the Conference and that your interaction with your colleagues from many different countries will stimulate a creative exchange of ideas and will be personally rewarding. We also hope and trust that you will enjoy your visit to the very beautiful and exciting city of Perth, Australia. Important Links: Event Website: Abstract Submission: Registration:

Termín konání:

13.05.2019 - 14.05.2019

Kategorie: Lékařství, zdravotnictví, Ostatní, Conference Series LLC Ltd, 13. května 2019

 Conference Series LLC Ltd

14th Annual Conference on Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease

Greetings from Dementia Conference 2019! It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to participate in the13th Annual Conference on Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. Dementia Conference 2019 is going to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa during September 19-20, 2019. Dementia Conference 2019 is designed to provide divergent and prevailing education that will gather Dementia professionals’ familiar of the issues affecting the advancements, applications, and innovations in the field of neuroscience. Undoubtedly the participant at this Dementia Conference 2019 conference will be able to exchange with the best experts in the specialty and will return home with extensive knowledge.

Termín konání:

19.09.2019 - 20.09.2019

Kategorie: Lékařství, zdravotnictví, Conference Series LLC Ltd, 19. září 2019

Allied Academies

12th International conference on Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology

Here we propose a gregarious invite to all the Directors, Deans, Heads, Scientists, Professors, Speakers, Research professionals and expertise in the field of allergy, immunology & rheumatology especially including attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors from all over the world to this prestigious event named with its series as “12th International conference on Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology” that is going to be held on February 21-23, 2019 in the City of Lights Paris, France. The live format of this educational activity will be accredited with CPD Credits. ICAIR 2019 has centered to congregate worldwide decorous personalities who are dignified in arenaof Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology Viz. immunologist, allergologist, rheumatologist, microbiologist,  Parasitologist, pediatric immunologists, epidemiologist, veterinarian, natural science officers, neuro immunologists, cancer immunologists and physicians of immune therapeutics, immune system parasites researchers, Public health professionals, scientists, academic scientists, industrial immunologists and scholars from diverse group of allergy, immunology and rheumatology are gathered to part their notions and bring discoveries for the sake of immunological, allergy & rheumatology disorder that reaches patient. The main gist of this conference is to congregate great minds in this field of immunology and parasitology in a grand meeting of 12th International conference on Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology which comprises of 16 tracts with 200+ subtracts that covers a wide study on allergy,  immunology and rheumatology. Worth your time indulging in our fortuitous event submit your abstract papers and register yourself towards our ecstatic gathering in City of Lights Paris, France.

Termín konání:

21.02.2019 - 22.02.2019

Kategorie: Lékařství, zdravotnictví, Média, Nauky o zemi, Průmysl, strojírenství, technologie, Biovědy, Allied Academies, 21. února 2019