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International Masaryk Conference for Ph.D. Students and Young Researchers 2022, vol. XIII.

  • December 19 - 21, 2022
  • Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference for PhD. students and assistants
  • Call For Papers


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 Conference Series LLC Ltd

32nd World Neonatal, Pediatric and Family Medicine Conference

We cordially invite everyone from around the world to the "32nd World Neonatal, Pediatric and Family Medicine Conference," which will take place in London, UK, on May 02-03, 2023. This conference offers a stable forum for experts in the domains of pediatrics and family medicine as well as other relevant fields, including scientists, researchers, professors, engineers, and directors of various companies. We also much like hosting a variety of professionals from various nations throughout the globe. Faneotrics 2023 is a global forum for developing research projects, medicinal discoveries, and pediatric-related illnesses.

Main organise:

Conference Series LLC Ltd

Town where the conference is held:

London, UK, United Kingdom


02.05.2023 - 03.05.2023



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Subject specialisation of the conference:

Medicine, Health Service

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Added on: 06. February 2023 v 00:00


Medicine, Health Service, Conference Series LLC Ltd, May 02, 2023