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Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference for PhD. students and assistants - QUAERE 2021, vol. XII.

  • June 27 - 29, 2022
  • Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference for PhD. students and assistants
  • Call For Papers


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 Conference Series LLC Ltd

5th World Eye and Vision Congress

ME Conferences warmly invite all the participants beyond the world to enlist for the 5th World Eye and Vision Congress which is scheduled during April 28-29, 2022, in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

After continued pandemic outbreaks, reinvigorate your minds with a 2-day Amsterdam voyage, which is one of the most attractive cities on the planet. Eye 2022 provides a global platform for the research experts to enlighten the developing, upgrading credibility in the vision and Optometry research. This event records the highlights in the eye studies including, Eye & Covid 19, Eye Infections & Diseases, Retinal, Corneal & Ocular Immunology, Eye Movements, Cognitive Neuroscience, Surgical Ophthalmology, Clinical Trials, Retinopathy, Paediatric Ophthalmology, Intraocular Cancer, Eye Infections & Diseases, Cataract Surgery, Vision Rehabilitation, and Research and Advancements in Eye Health. However, ensure to relish with the world’s best sights and attractions along with the global accreditation.

Global Participants:

The Conference is open-ended to all with an academic or professional interest in Eye research.

• Eye surgeons
• Ophthalmologists
• Optometrists
• Clinical researchers & Scientists
• Physicians
• Eye care specialists
• Radiologists
• Medical Imaging Specialists
• Professors
• Business professionals
• Directors, Presidents, CEO
• Ophthalmology equipment companies
• Medical Practitioners
• Medical & Health care Organizations & Associations
• Eye care product Manufacturers
• Public Health Professionals
• Diagnostic Instruments in Optometry.

Conference Highlights:
• Ocular Manifestations of COVID-19
• Retinal Structure and Function
• Corneal and Ocular Immunology
• Eye Movements and Vision
• Visual and Cognitive Neuroscience
• Clinical and Surgical Ophthalmology
• Clinical Trials and Research
• Diabetes-Retinopathy
• Ocular Physiology
• Paediatric-Ophthalmology
• Intraocular Cancer
• Eye Infections and Diseases
• Aging and Vision Impairment
• Refractive and Cataract Surgery
• Visual Rehabilitation
• Eye Care Equipment
• Research and Advancements in Eye Health

Main organise:

Conference Series LLC Ltd

Town where the conference is held:

Amsterdam, Netherlands


28.04.2022 - 28.04.2022

Conference patronage:

Exploring Novel Strategies in Eye Research


Conference web:

Subject specialisation of the conference:

Medicine, Health Service

Parameters of the conference:

for Ph.D. students
scientific and programme committee
receipt of contribution fees
reviewed volume
collected papers will be further published
attendance fee
cooperating journals, papers indexation

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Medicine, Health Service, Conference Series LLC Ltd, April 28, 2022