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MMK 2020

  • June 22 - 26, 2020
  • International Masaryk Conference for Ph.D. Students and Young Researchers 2020, vol. XI.
  • Call For Papers


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9th International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences

From “Our house is burning while we look elsewhere” warned by the former French president Jacques Chirac in 2002 during the Earth summit to “How dare you!,” said by the 16-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg at the UN Global Climate Action Summit in New York in 2019, climate change has long been at the center of discussion.

The true cost of climate change is felt in our health and now reflecting on the world’s economy. Since 1980, extreme weather has cost $1.6 trillion. A 2019 study found that a warming ocean has pushed global fish yields down 4% since 1920. Drought, shifting rain patterns, and disastrous weather destroy crops and leads to food insecurity. Intense heat waves and rising humidity affects people, particularly those in developing countries, putting areas at great risk of significant drops in productivity. The World Bank estimates that climate change could send 1.4 million people north by 2050.

All the above mentioned are warnings showing us how discussion over specific applications and profiles of analysis which will be key in future research work in the field of sustainable and climate finance is more than necessary.

2020 International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences, now in its 9th year, bringing environmental economists and professionals from public and private sectors, academia and consultancy together, takes great pleasure in welcoming you to London, England under the theme "Environmental Economics," to discuss issues relevant to the practical application of environmental economics worldwide and sustainable financial needs.

Environmental Economics Topics

I. Economics and Environmental Conservation
II. Identifying Environmental Economic Benefits and Costs
III. Valuing Environmental Benefits and Costs
IV. Identifying the Economic Causes of Environmental Degradation
V. Setting in Place Economic Incentive Measures for
VI. Financing Mechanisms for Environmental Conservation

Social Sciences Topics
- Culture
- Communication
- Education
- Society
- Management
- Business
- Economics
- Finance
- Law
- Politics
- Psychology

Main organise:


Town where the conference is held:

London, UK, United Kingdom


21.07.2020 - 24.07.2020


ISBSS Secretariat:

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Subject specialisation of the conference:

Economy, Banking, Finance, Management, Marketing , Economy , Politics , Law , Psychology

Parameters of the conference:

for Ph.D. students
receipt of contribution fees
volume with ISBN after termination
reviewed volume
collected papers will be further published
attendance fee
cooperating journals, papers indexation

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Economy, Banking, Finance, Management, Marketing , Economy , Politics , Law , Psychology, ELITE, July 21, 2020