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MMK 2020

  • June 22 - 26, 2020
  • International Masaryk Conference for Ph.D. Students and Young Researchers 2020, vol. XI.
  • Call For Papers


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6th Asia-Pacific Conference on Social Sciences & Management

Artificial Intelligence is now a part of our normal lives as we are surrounded by this technology from automatic parking systems, smart sensors and personal assistance. Similarly, AI in education is being felt, and the traditional methods are changing drastically. The business world is no exception. AI is creating a new economy and a new business model.
Despite the fact that some people speak highly positive of AI, others were slightly frightening, as AI might stimulate technology addiction, and people fear the consequences of replacement of jobs and the lack of personal engagements.

In this conference, we gather the collective intelligence in the domain of interest from around the world to think about the topic and what problems it might cause and provide innovative and creative solutions. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
- Business
- Education
- Management
- Communication
- Economics & Finance
- Humanities & Culture
- Law & Polities
- Psychology

Main organise:


Town where the conference is held:

Taipei, Taiwan


01.06.2020 - 04.06.2020


APCSSM Secretariat

Conference web:

Subject specialisation of the conference:

Electrical Engineering , Power Engineering, Informatics, Information Technology, Industry, Technologies

Parameters of the conference:

for Ph.D. students
scientific and programme committee
receipt of contribution fees
volume with ISBN after termination
attendance fee

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Electrical Engineering , Power Engineering, Informatics, Information Technology, Industry, Technologies, INEN, June 01, 2020