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  • June 28 - 30, 2021
  • Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference for PhD. students and assistants 2020, vol. XI.
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Czech Institute of Academic Education z.s.

VIRTUAL International Academic Conference on the Global Impact of the Coronavirus COVID-19 on Society

Please Join Us to an international academic conference designed for scientists, educators and PhD students: VIRTUAL International Academic Conference on the Global Impact of the Coronavirus COVID-19 on Society


24.09.2021 - 24.09.2021

Category: Safety, Crisis Management, Tourist Traffic, History, Culture, Theatre, Film, Music, Dancing, Transportation , Ecology, Economy, Banking, Finance, Philosophy, Sociology, Human & Social Sciences, Informatics, Information Technology, Medicine, Health Service, Logistics , Media , Economy , International Relations, Sciences of materials , Sciences of earth , Pedagogy , Politics , Law , Other, Psychology, Philology, Czech Institute of Academic Education z.s., September 24, 2021

 Conference Series LLC Ltd

11th European Epidemiology & Public Health Congress

ME Conferences standardize its warm welcome to 11th European Epidemiology and Public Health Congress which is a Webinar and it is going to be held during June 25, 2021. On behalf of its organizing committee assembles all the renowned epidemiologists, nutritionists, health care experts, researchers, physicians, doctors, talented young scientists and student communities from worldwide under a single roof and present new scientific innovations in the field of epidemiology.


25.06.2021 - 25.06.2021

Category: Medicine, Health Service, Conference Series LLC Ltd, June 25, 2021

Univerzita Hradec Králové, Pedagogická fakulta

ERIS21: Aktuální problémy distanční výuky

Organizační výbor konference zve na online konferenci ERIS21: Aktuální problémy distanční výuky, která se koná 28.6.2021. Konference svými tématy reaguje na nové výzvy a problémy, které se objevily v souvislosti s distanční výukou. Témata konference, důležité termíny, přihlášku a informace o sborníku z konference naleznete na webových stránkách:


28.06.2021 - 28.06.2021

Category: Sociology, Human & Social Sciences, Informatics, Information Technology, Pedagogy , Psychology, Univerzita Hradec Králové, Pedagogická fakulta, June 28, 2021

 Nursing Conference 2021

Nursing conference

Nursing Committee cordially invites all the interested and enthusiastic participants across the globe to its prestigious "29th International Conference on Nursing and Health Care" to be held during July 14-15, 2021. Which highlights the theme “Risk assessment of COVID-19 towards Nursing”


14.07.2021 - 15.07.2021

Category: Medicine, Health Service, Nursing Conference 2021, July 14, 2021

 Conference Series LLC Ltd

2021 World Neuroscience and Psychiatry Conference

Episirus Scientifica welcomes you to attend 2021 World Neuroscience and Psychiatry Conference (2021WNPC) held during November 19-20, 2021 at Bangkok, Thailand with the theme “Emerging trends in Neuroscience and Psychiatry”. This international meet anticipates hundreds of participants including keynote speakers, Oral presentations by renowned speakers and poster presenters besides delegates around the world. This conference perhaps a giant event that creates an ideal platform to share expertise addressing current advancements involved in Neuroscience, Psychiatry and Neurology. It will be a wonderful opportunity for all the delegates as it provides an international networking opportunity to collaborate with the world-class Neurology, Mental Health and Medical Associations. Episirus Scientifica holds the 2021 World Neuroscience and Psychiatry Conference (2021WNPC) during November 19-20, 2021 in Bangkok, Thailand as one of the event that brings together eminent neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and neuroscientists experiences from different countries and exchanges their views through scientific discovery, interactive sessions, keynote lectures, workshops and offers exceptional sessions, presentations with great education and networking opportunities for all levels of academic professionals and with leaders in the field of neurology, neuroscience, psychiatry and psychology. The conference will be organized around the theme ‘Melioration in Innovations with advancement in Mental Health and Neurology. Scientific Sessions: Neuroscience and Neurology Mental Plasticity & Development Stress Neuroscience and the Neurobiology Neurosurgery Brain Injury Stroke and Trauma Neurochemistry Neuropharmacology Neuroendocrinology Neuroimaging Controversies in Neurology Psychiatry Neurological Disorders Paediatric Neurology Psychology Adult Neurogenesis and Cell Biology Ageing and Dementia, Alzheimer Disease Target Audience Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Neuroscientists, and Researchers Neurology Faculty and Students Doctors and Scientists Universities, Associations, and Societies Students and Research Scholars Business Delegates Product Manufacturer Psychiatrists and Psychologists


19.11.2021 - 20.11.2021

Category: Conference Series LLC Ltd, November 19, 2021