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Higher Education Forum

The 3rd Asian Conference on Engineering and Information

The 3rd Asian Conference on Engineering and Information will be held in Singapore from December 4th to 6th, 2024, focusing on "Engineering Tomorrow’s World: Harnessing Innovation for Sustainable Development." In Singapore, known for its innovation and sustainability commitments, the conference will explore how engineering and natural sciences can address global challenges like climate change and resource scarcity. Researchers, scholars, industry experts, and policymakers will discuss renewable energy, green infrastructure, sustainable transportation, and environmental conservation, aiming to catalyze societal and environmental change through interdisciplinary collaboration.


04.12.2024 - 06.12.2024

Category: Informatics, Information Technology, Other, Chemistry, Higher Education Forum, December 04, 2024

Higher Education Forum

The 8th International Conference on Education and Social Sciences

The 8th International Conference on Education and Social Sciences (ICEASS) will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, from November 14-16, 2024. The rise of online learning and technology has significantly changed education. This conference will explore the impact of these changes on teaching and learning. A special session, "Online Learning & Technology Integration," will focus on how virtual classrooms and new technologies are shaping education.


14.11.2024 - 16.11.2024

Category: Economy, Banking, Finance, Sociology, Human & Social Sciences, Economy , Politics , Law , Psychology, Higher Education Forum, November 14, 2024

Higher Education Forum

The 6th International Research Conference on Engineering and Technology

The 6th International Research Conference on Engineering and Technology In 2024, AI, 5G, IoT, and Blockchain significantly impact various aspects of our lives and industries. AI revolutionizes information processing with advanced automation and personalized experiences. 5G enhances connectivity, enabling innovations like smart cities and autonomous vehicles. IoT interconnects devices, creating intelligent, data-driven ecosystems. Blockchain ensures secure, transparent transactions in sectors like finance and supply chain management. These technologies drive digital transformation, improving efficiency, connectivity, and innovation across diverse domains. IRCET invites professionals from academia and industry to exchange research in these fields.


14.11.2024 - 16.11.2024

Category: Other, Higher Education Forum, November 14, 2024

Higher Education Forum

The 8th International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences

The 8th International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences is the premier platform for researchers, scholars, and students to discuss and exchange ideas, novel results, and work in progress in Business and Social Sciences. In 2024, "Digital Transformation and its Impact on Society" takes center stage, highlighting how digital advancements reshape interactions, business operations, and government functions. This shift offers opportunities for innovation and efficiency but also presents critical challenges, including information access, job markets, healthcare, and civic engagement. Addressing ethical considerations like data privacy, cybersecurity, and digital literacy is crucial. By exploring these aspects, we can harness digital transformation to foster inclusivity, bridge societal gaps, and enhance overall well-being.


14.11.2024 - 16.11.2024

Category: History, Culture, Economy, Banking, Finance, Management, Marketing , Economy , Politics , Law , Psychology, Higher Education Forum, November 14, 2024

Inovine Scientific Meetings

World Congress on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering 2025

Inovine Meetings LLC extends a warm invitation for your participation in the upcoming World Congress on Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering scheduled for March 10-11, 2025 at Hyatt Place London Heathrow Airport, London, UK. The theme for this prestigious event is Advancements and Innovation in Civil, Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering. This congress serves as a global platform for the discussion and exploration of various disciplines within Civil Engineering, including Urban Engineering, Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering, Materials Science, Steel Structures and Construction, Energy for Building and Construction Development, Building Technology Science, Building Materials, Road and Bridge Engineering, Earthquake Resistance Design, Marine Structures, Construction Technology and more. Bringing together professionals and scholars from diverse fields within Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, this conference offers a valuable forum for the exchange of knowledge, sharing of evidence and ideas, and collaborative generation of solutions to pressing challenges. We eagerly anticipate your participation in this enriching event in the vibrant city of London, UK.


10.03.2025 - 11.03.2025

Category: Sciences of materials , Sciences of earth , Industry, Technologies, Building Industry, Inovine Scientific Meetings, March 10, 2025